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4,30 EUR*
Details Needle Felting Tool:- 1 Needle Felting Tool. Needle cannot be replaced by Needle felting tool

Hand Felting Tool - Single Needle; Hand Felting Tool - No Thread Gold Glue erforderlich.; This ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED Tool consists of 1 Barbed Needle That Catches The Fasern and Push Them Into The Base Fabric to create your own Design.; it is best ...

10,94 EUR*
Details Tulip Tapestry Yarn Needles 6/Pkg-Assorted

Tulip Needle Company-Tapestry Yarn Needles: Assorted. These Needles Are Perfect For An Sewer! This Package Contains Two Size 17 Needles, Two Size 23 Needles, One Size 18 Needle And One Size 20 Needle. Imported.

24,64 EUR*
Details Schmetz Universal Machine Needles - Box of 100 Needles Size 90/14 by Schmetz

SCHMETZ Universal Maschine Needles - Box Of 100 Needles; contains 100 Universal Maschine Needles Size 90/14; suitable for all Home Maschinen using needles with a flat Back on Shank; Size 90 IS A Glasbild, slightly heavier Needle for Standard Anwendungen

5,98 EUR*
Details Colonial Needle 4 Count John James Beading Needles, Size 10 by Colonial Needle

Finest Quality English Needles;These are a great way to add extra design to whatever project you want to add it to;The perfect start to any project

52,34 EUR*
Details Denise Needles F7214-004 Knitting Needles in a Della Q-Case, Purple by Denise Needles

Customize your project with a unique zipper.;Great for any crafting or apparel project;14 inch Zipper

4,36 EUR*
Details Needle Threaders-2/Pkg

JOHN JAMES-Use these high quality needle threaders to assist in threading needles. Made with super fine steel wire, these needle threaders will make all of your hand sewing projects easy! Needle threader 2 piece-for fast and easy needle threading ...

4,08 EUR*
Details Serger Needle Threader-

extra long needle threader for hard to reach needles. fits most serger needles.

2,94 EUR*
Details Tapestry Hand Needles-Size 26 6/Pkg

COLONIAL NEEDLE-John James Tapestry Hand Needles. The most distinguishing characteristic of John James needles is their reputation for quality. Choose from sizes 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 (six needles per package) or 28 (five needles per package): Each sold ...

9,77 EUR*
Details Tulip Knina Knitting Needles 32"-Size 3/3.25mm

Tulip Needle Company-Tulip Knina Knitting Needles. An exceptionally smooth cable-needle join that makes your knitting projects easier than ever! Great for magic loop knitting while the sharp needle points make knitting comfortable. The needles are ...

4,01 EUR*
Details Tubular Needle Case-8"X.875" Clear

Lacis-Tubular Needle Case. Hold the beadle needles with the bump or other needles! This package contains one 8x7/8x7/8 inch needle case. Made in USA.

38,66 EUR*
Details Klasse Double Pack Machine Needles-Size 12/80 10/Pkg

Tacony Corporation-Klaasse Double Packed Needles. This Package Contains Ten Needles: 5 Universal (80/12) Needles And 5 Quilting (80/12) Needles. Imported.

7,05 EUR*
Details Felting Needles 4/Pkg-Size 38 Triangle

WISTYRIA EDITIONS-Felting Needles. Felting needles are barbed needles used to interlock wool fibers. As the felting needle is moved up and down the barbs on the needles catch the scales of the wool and entangle them creating a material called felt ...

26,40 EUR*
Details Circular Knitting Needle Caddy-Sizes 6,7,8

BOYE-Circular Knitting Needle Caddy. The needle caddy makes it easy to keep your circular knitting needles neat and organized. The hole in the middle of the caddy is an accurate needle gauge to measure your needles so you never have to guess the size ...

5,55 EUR*
Details Stitching Needles-10/Pkg

LEATHER FACTORY-Stitching Needles. Use this set of needles for all of your leather projects. This package contains ten metal stitching needles. Imported.

23,46 EUR*
Details Ball Point Machine Needles-Size 11/75 4/Pkg

Dritz-Ball Point Machine Needles. Ball point needles penetrate between the fibers of the fabric, not through the fibers like a sharp needle. Ball point needles are best suited to knit fabrics. This package contains four ball point machine needles ...

7,54 EUR*
Details Colonial Nadel Seidenband Stickerei needles-assorted 25/Pkg, andere, mehrfarbig

COLONIAL NEEDLE-Silk Ribbon Embroidery Needles. Perfect for all your Embroidering needs! This package contains twenty-five different sized embroidery needles. Four different sized Chenille needles with a large oval eye and sharp point, Beading needles ...

250,18 EUR*
Details Tulip Needle Company Carry C Interchangeable Bamboo Circular Long Needle Set by Tulip Company

Unique system makes tightening and unscrewing needles easy and requires no tools, With this system needles will not loosen while knitting, Rotary cable join prevents twisting, Package contains eleven pairs of bamboo knitting needles between sizes 3

3,07 EUR*
Details Beading Needles 9/Pkg-3 Each Of Sizes 10, 11 & 12

COUSIN-Tool Basics: Beading Needles. Quickly add beads onto thread! This package contains nine beading needles in three sizes: three #10 needles (2 inches long), three #11 needles (2-1/16 inches long), and three #12 needles (2-3/16 inches long). Imported.

4,84 EUR*
Details Weaving Needles-3/Pkg

COLONIAL-Weaving Needles. Package contains one flat straight raffia needle (can also be used as a flat bodkin for threading such as ribbon or elastic), a cranked weaving needle or raffia wire and a flat cranked raffia needle. 3/package.

3,99 EUR*
Details LoRan Needle Necessities Kit -Size 24/26 6/Pkg

this novel kit includes a 6 piece needle pack with three each of size 24 and 26 tapestry needles a magnetic needle case and the loran needle threader.

7,80 EUR*
Details All-purpose Needle Pack Curved Glovers Straight Leathercraft Tandy 1201-00 by Tandy Leather Factory

Includes 2 curved needles, glover needle, carpet needle, sail needle and 2 straight needles. More Info: TANDY LEATHER FACTORY-All Purpose Needles. Great for a variety of leather crafting and general craft activities. This package contains two curved ...

7,74 EUR*
Details Darning Needle Set-Size 13/20 3/Pkg

CLOVER-Darning Needle Set. These needles feature a rounded tip which prevents the needle from piercing through yarn and damaging the fabric. This package contains three needles: one each #13, #17 and #20 Imported.

14,29 EUR*
Details Needle Felting Starter Kit-

COLONIAL NEEDLE-Needle Felting Starter Kit. This kit gives you everything you need to start needle felting. This package contains three Blue Point Felting Needles, one reusable 6x6 inch foam pad, 100% wool fiber and step-by-step instructions to felt ...

4,13 EUR*
Details Double Needle Threader-

DRITZ-A double needle threader. For small and large eye needles. For fine and heavy threads. For fine threads in small eye needles, use pointed loop on threader. For embroidery floss and pearl cottons in large eye needles, use squared loop on threader ...

6,23 EUR*
Details 18 Sizes Carbonized Bamboo Single Pointed Needles Knitting Needles

Single pointed knitting needles feature with ultra smooth finish that allows for a proper glide of the yarn so your hands won't feel tired - even after knitting for a long time. These knitting needles are supplied with wide sizes ranging from 2mm to ...

3,37 EUR*
Details Punch Needle Threaders-2/Pkg

Cameo-Punch Needle Threaders. These Are A Quick And Easy Way To Thread Needles! This Package Contains Two 8 Inch Needle Threaders. Made In Usa.

2,69 EUR*
Details Betweens Hand Needles-Size 3/9 20/Pkg

Dritz-Betweens Hand Needles. Also Called Quilting Needles, Betweens Are Shorter Needles Allowing For Faster Quilting. Also Used For Detailed Handiwork, Enabling Fine Stitches. Available In Sizes 10, 7, 5/10 And 3/9 (Each Sold Separately). 20 Needles ...

7,27 EUR*
Details Short Beading Needles-Size 10 6/Pkg

DRITZ-Short Beading Hand Needles. Use these short length needles for intricate beadwork! This package contains six size 10 metal needles. Imported.

16,02 EUR*
Details bohinuniversal Maschine needles-size 19/120, andere, mehrfarbig

Bohin-Universal Machine Needles. These strong needles are recommended for heavyweight fabrics. These needles have a flat shank and will fir all domestic sewing machines. This package contains ten size 19/120 sewing machine needles within one 1-3/4x1 ...

2,69 EUR*
Details Yarn Darners Hand Needles-Size 14/18 7/Pkg

DRITZ-Yarn Darner Hand Needles. Yarn darner needles are especially made for working with yarns for needle arts, plastic canvas, Swedish weaving and much more. This package contains seven needles sizes 14 to 18. Imported.

2,34 EUR*
Details Plastic Canvas Needles-Size 18 3/Pkg

Boye-Plastic Canvas Needles: Size 18. The Perfect Needles For Your Plastic Canvas Projects! This Package Contains Three Size 18 Plastic Canvas Needles. Imported.

3,05 EUR*
Details Roxanne Needle Threader-

COLONIAL NEEDLE-Roxanne Needle Threader. This threader is very fine, yet strong, for easy threading of tiny needles. This package contains one 1-5/8x3/4in threader with a flat plastic finger tab. Imported.

2,68 EUR*
Details Plastic Large Eye Needles 2.75" 8/Pkg-

DARICE-Plastic Needles. These oversized, large eye needles are perfect for young hands learning to sew. Each needle features a round tip for safety. This package contains eight 2-1/2in pink plastic needles. Recommended for ages 6 and up. WARNING ...

6,92 EUR*
Details Blue Grip Felting Needles 2/Pkg-Size 36

COLONIAL NEEDLE-Blue Grip Felting Needles: 2/pk. These needles are excellent for embellishing, sewing, and craft projects creating accessories, home decor items, rooting doll hair, and other soft sculpture projects. Needles are strong 36-gauge with ...

3,57 EUR*
Details Large-Eyed Blunt Needles

LION-Large-Eye Blunt End Needles. Set of large eye needles for joining knit or crochet pieces. This package contains six blunt tipped metal needles: sizes 13, 14, and 16. Imported.

6,21 EUR*
Details Silvalume Single Point Knitting Needles 14"-Size 7/4.5mm

SUSAN BATES-Silvalume Single Point Knitting Needles. Silvalume needles have the broadest range within the Susan Bates family of knitting needles. Made of lightweight aluminum, each Silvalume needle undergoes a special anodizing process that etches ...

8,18 EUR*
Details Roxanne Betweens Hand Needles-Size 12 50/Pkg

COLONIAL NEEDLE-Roxanne Betweens Hand Needles. Roxanne needles are handmade in England to precise specifications. Each needle is painstakingly shaped to a gentle taper, highly polished and then carefully nickel plated to give a discerning hand quilter ...

5,18 EUR*
Details Double Hemstitch Machine Needle-Size 16/100 1/Pkg

EURO-NOTIONS-Double Hemstitch Needle. One wing needle and one regular needle on a cross bar from a single shaft. For decorative stitching on loosely woven fabrics. This package contains one size 100 double needle. Imported.

3,17 EUR*
Details Plastic Hand Needles-2.75" 2/Pkg

Dmc-Plastic Hand Needles. These Needles Would Be Great For Working On Children's Crafts Or Other Stitchery Projects. This Package Contains Two 2-3/4 Inch Plastic Needles. Imported.

4,20 EUR*
Details Machine & Hand Needle Threaders-2/Pkg

SINGER- Machine & Hand Needle Threaders. For use on both hand and machine needles. This 3x5 inch package contains two needle threaders: one and two inches each. Imported.

2,98 EUR*
Details Quilting/Betweens Hand Needles-Size 5/10 20/Pkg

COLONIAL NEEDLE-Quilting/Betweens Hand Needles. Perfect for all your quilting needs! This package contains twenty needles in size 5/10. Imported.

5,85 EUR*
Details Doll Needles 6/Pkg-Size 3"

DRITZ- Soft Sculpture Doll Needles. This package contains six long needles with long eyes for doll-making, soft sculpture, upholstery and other crafts. Needles are three inches long. Imported.

2,98 EUR*
Details Dritz Quilting Needle Pullers-3/Pkg

DRITZ-Needle Pullers: 3 cnt. Ideal for quilting, crafts and sewing leather, denim, and other heavyweight fabrics. Use needle puller to pull needle through layers of fabric. Imported.

3,11 EUR*
Details Chenille Hand Needles-Size 24 6/Pkg

Dmc-Chenille Hand Needles. These Are Sharp-Pointed And Long-Eyed Like Embroidery Needles But Run Only In The Upper Size Range Like Tapestry Needles. The Needles Have A Longer Eye That Allows For Multiple Strand Of Thread To Slip More Easily Through ...

3,61 EUR*
Details LoRan Needle Threader-

LORAN-Needle Threader. This threader easily threads long eye needles without having to strain your eyes to get the thread through the eye of the needle or the minute wires of some threaders. Made in USA.

3,67 EUR*
Details Pebbles Beading Needles-Size 10/12 4/Pkg

COLONIAL NEEDLE-Pebbles Needles are designed to store the finest quality hand sewing needles safely, making them instantly visible and easily accessible in sewing boxes, a craft bag, a top drawer, and even a handbag. Each needle style comes in its own ...

4,05 EUR*
Details Silvalume Double Point Knitting Needles 7" 4/Pkg-Size 6/4mm

SUSAN BATES-Silvalume Double Point Knitting Needles. Silvalume needles have the broadest range within the Susan Bates family of knitting needles. Made of lightweight aluminum, each Silvalume needle undergoes a special anodizing process that etches ...

7,32 EUR*
Details 'Silvalume 10 Knitting Needles Gift Heft Oberteil set-3 Pair

SUSAN BATES-Silvalume 10in Knitting Needle Gift Set. Silvalume needles have the broadest range within the Susan Bates family of knitting needles. Made of lightweight aluminum, each Silvalume needle undergoes a special anodizing process that etches ...

4,49 EUR*
Details Tapestry Tweens Hand Needles-Size 25 3/Pkg

the tweens tapestry needles are unique in the fact that their sizes fall in between the more popular diameters of tapestry needles making for a slimmer needle with a larger eye. tapestry tween needles hold more floss and provide less stress on fabric.

6,40 EUR*
Details Size 18/22 6/Pkg Pebbles Chenille Needles P18882

COLONIAL NEEDLE-Pebbles Needles are designed to store the finest quality hand sewing needles safely, making them instantly visible and easily accessible in sewing boxes, a craft bag, a top drawer, and even a handbag. Each needle style comes in its own ...